Why do tomatoes irritate cold sores?

A lesion above or around the mouth can be cold sores. This itchy painful irritation is the result of the herpes simplex 1 virus. This virus is transmitted by close interpersonal contact and after infection it will remain in the system for an indefinite period of time, usually forever.

Nobody can say exactly what will trigger an outbreak, sometimes cold sores appear for no apparent reason. With that said, there are a few things that have been known to increase the probability. One of them is an injury or trauma to the tissue. This pushes the herpes virus to come to the surface creating a painful sore. In some cases, what we eat can play a role in this.

While no food is directly responsible for an epidemic, those high in acid can cause severe irritation to the sores. Tomatoes, for example, are high in sugar and acid, both of which can cause cold sores in some people. This is partly due to an allergic-type reaction to acid or sugar.

If you suffer from food allergies and cold sores, it would be a good idea to avoid tomato and tomato based products whenever possible. Allergies sometimes cause abrasions to appear on the skin and these can only be the necessary invitation to a cold sore to pay a visit.

The high acid content is also extremely painful when exposed to open cold sores. Cold sores are often found near the mouth, leaving lesions wide open to sour juice in tomatoes and other high acid foods.

You should be aware that there is a misunderstanding that tomatoes can actually cause cold sores, probably because they can cause mouth sores. The two are similar types of sores but have different pathologies.

Chewing sores are normally found inside the mouth and are not caused by the herpes virus and can be caused by highly acidic foods such as tomato. It is a good idea to consult a doctor to determine what type of injury you have. Although rare, it is possible to get HSV wounds inside the mouth especially during the initial infection. Knowing the difference between these two will lead you to proper treatment and faster healing.

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