Why do more people have allergies now than ever before?

Did you know that allergy symptoms have everything to do with your immune system’s response to food and particles? So if your immune system is in a bad state, the chance of having allergies increases. You may have noticed that more and more children are growing up with allergic reactions to pets and food. See also more people with eczema, hay fever, lupus, multiple sclerosis and asthma due to a poor immune system. You will find more and more families who trust and use the naturopathic care center to obtain allergy tests and natural treatments.

All the above diseases are caused by the immune system which is unable to recognize common substances which are harmless, such as peanuts and pollen. If this is a problem you have, your body’s defense systems are out of control. MS, lupus, type 1 diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease are all considered autoimmune diseases.

Autoimmune disease occurs when your body attacks itself, such as the nerves, the digestive tract or the pancreas. According to experts, the amount of people living with allergies and autoimmune diseases has quadrupled in a few decades. In fact, over 50 percent of Americans today have at least one allergy.

Why the rise of allergies?

There are several speculations as to why this problem is growing at such a rapid pace in a short period of time. One explanation given is that it is due to our modern way of life. Today’s children are growing up in sterilized homes, which prevents their immune systems from becoming stronger. In the past, your body was exposed to numerous bacteria and viruses at an early age, which helped develop the immune system. This is known as the hygienic hypothesis.

Another explanation is the fault of our diet and air pollution, along with our sedentary lifestyles and obesity. Both seem to indicate the way we live today, which shows that whatever we are doing is causing our health to decline. These problems are mainly found in North America and Europe. However, allergies and autoimmune diseases are starting to grow in other developing countries.

Sterile lifestyles = increased allergies

You would think that living a cleaner life would be better for your body and your health, but if the hygiene hypothesis is correct, that’s why most people in America now suffer from allergies. Your immune system is underdeveloped and therefore is unable to decipher between real threats and harmless particles, such as dust and pollen bunnies.

You may know some people who like to travel with a bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer wherever they go. So the foods they eat and the prescriptions they take are also full of antibiotics, which are used to kill all types of germs. This lifestyle prevents you from being exposed to germs, which in turn would allow your body to identify them.

The food and medical industry is too busy killing these bacteria and now generations later we have children and adults who have never been exposed to them. While it’s a good thing that viruses, bacteria and parasites are reduced, it’s not a good thing for your body’s defense mechanisms.

Talking to a naturopathic doctor can help you learn how to better treat your family members who suffer from allergies.

How the immune system works

There are two parts of the immune system: one releases white blood cells, which attack the body’s cells that have been infected and the other attacks the intruder responsible for the infection of the cells. You should consult a family doctor who specializes in naturopathic care, so that you can learn natural ways to treat allergy symptoms. You can also get other services, such as ozone therapy.

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