What are the differences between a milk allergy and a lactose intolerance?

If you have an allergy disorder, don’t assume you’re the only one; millions suffer from the same problem. Milk allergy symptoms can show like vomiting, diarrhea, urticaria and many more, but these are the most common. Also, acne, watery eyes, swelling and gas are the other signs. Hyperactivity can also be considered a symptom, mainly with children. So much research has been conducted on this topic that has culminated in creating better alternatives to milk.

Allergic epidemics are recommended to avoid eating dairy products. However, this is really difficult because many products that we use in our daily routine, including baby nutritional products, all have traces of milk. If you have a “think before you jump” habit, then you should look carefully at the contents of any product. People with milk allergy should avoid anything containing “casein”.

If you have been to the supermarket recently and have taken a look on the shelf you will notice a series of products classified as products for the treatment of food allergies, in this category you can get many alternative dairy products. I bet that from now on you won’t have to avoid those palatable dishes that you like best; you can find several alternatives for that.

Now we will come to another problem, an ingredient in milk is called lactose, in general it is called milk sugar. Lactose intolerance can cause a lactose intolerant person available in milk. There is an enzyme called lactase which is responsible for breaking down lactose. If you go through the statistics, it is estimated that almost 70% of the world’s population lacks this enzyme and the most surprising part is that most of them don’t have it at all. For this reason, he has had problems in the past when some international care delegates tried to supply dairy products to the African countries where the food rescue camps distributed these products; he realized that those dairy products were consumed by lactose intolerant people over there, he created more problems than curbing hunger.

Those suffering from lactose intolerance can avoid drinking milk and eating products derived from it, but in return they will need a lactase supplement because this enzyme is needed by the digestive system. So lactase supplements are the only way to guarantee a pleasant experience with dairy products for these people. The lactase dose depends on the dairy product you want to consume, because with expensive lactase supplements it is important to take this into account.

Furthermore, those suffering from lactose intolerance are denied calcium in their diet, which is why more alternatives have been introduced to the market. They can use substitute products including soy and tofu. Soy products have been significantly improved; even if you taste soy milk and try to adapt it to your diet; you will find its taste very delicious and can replace milk quite well. Tofu is a good alternative to cheese and in some cases also to meat.

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