The real cause of allergies is in the liver

I was allergic and asthmatic. Allergy shots and allergy treatments from 6 to 16 years old turned me into a big human pillow. Inhalers and medicines have been kept in every corner of my life. I remember going to the emergency room on Christmas Eve for the adrenaline rush. My asthma was sometimes life-threatening.

I asked all the doctors I was sent to:

“Why do cats and dogs make me sneeze and pant, but it doesn’t make my best friend sneeze and pant? What is the difference between us?

When the experts couldn’t answer, I kept asking myself this question. Even my most basic question remained unanswered:

If drugs give my body what’s missing, why can’t my body do the same?

Fortunately I was too young to listen to authority figures and went into a search for a cause and a cure. I started taking herbs, vitamins and everything that offered a ray of hope.

After many failed experiments on herbs, vitamins and natural herbs I was lucky …

In 1977, at the age of 19, I was introduced to a doctor in Utah by an older friend interested in nutrition. This man is said to have been a biochemist, herbalist and premier healer. Hundreds of people followed the boy around, and although he was criticized by those who wanted to discredit him, I spoke to many, many people who had experienced enormous health benefits.

When I met “Doc” he said the following:

There are three things that cause your allergies:

# 1 Your liver produces too much histamine because it has too many toxins

# 2 Your thyroid is low and this determines the speed of the liver

# 3 The adrenal glands and lungs are weak (it wasn’t a surprise for me, but until then I didn’t know what to do)

This makes perfect sense because:

I knew about “antihistamines” because I had taken them to stop allergic responses

One of my symptoms – difficult to wake up in the morning – corresponded to the symptoms of the low thyroid.

At the time, my inhaler was epinephrine, a substance similar to adrenaline

Within 3 months of being treated with herbs, he gave me to detoxify my liver and herbs / nutrients to build my lungs and support my adrenal and thyroid, I was allergy and asthma free. This happened 30 years ago and since then I am no longer allergic / asthmatic.

(I will say this to keep myself out of jail, take your medicines until your doctor tells you otherwise and / or if you decide to find a natural cure like I did. Keep in mind that you will encounter a lot of resistance from Doctors and even many asthmatics who believe that natural cures are impossible. Sad, but true.)

Here is the picture:

The liver has to process toxins and when it cannot do its job it stores them. If it stores them it also produces additional histamines to protect itself. If an allergen is present, the brain sends a message: “Send some histamines! I think there is an invader !!” and the liver proceeds to release too many and you have the allergic response – urticaria, asthma, sneezing, etc.

Clean your liver and maybe, like me, you will become allergy / asthma free.

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