The Food Allergy Fix: An Integrative and Evidence-Based Approach to Food Allergen Desensitization

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Eating should be fun, not cause for fear. But for children with food allergies, the condition transforms even simple pleasures like parties and picnics into dangerous minefields. Instead of resigning themselves to a lifetime of avoidance and exclusion, food allergy sufferers can now take action and embrace the promise of desensitization therapy. In The Food Allergy Fix, board-certified allergist and immunologist Dr. Sakina Bajowala discusses how allergies can be managed through sublingual and oral immunotherapy, which retrains overactive immune systems through the precise administration of foods. Combining rich history and current scientific research, Dr. Bajowala arms parents and patients with the tools they need to begin working with a trained immunologist, while walking readers through her innovative and holistic treatment process. The incredible success of Dr. Bajowala’s integrative approach proves that it is possible to live in a world free from the chains of a food allergy diagnosis. This book is the first step toward reclaiming freedom.

"Dr. Bajowala tackles a complex therapy with wisdom, thoroughness, and clarity. A must-read for anyone considering immunotherapy for food allergies."
– Henry Ehrlich, editor for, author of Food Allergies: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Science, and the Search for a Cure

"Dr. Bajowala's first-person account of her experiences bringing an exciting new food allergy treatment to her patients will engage everyone in the food allergy community; patients and parents, primary healthcare providers and allergists. Her experiences will be reassuring to families considering embarking on food therapy and allergists who are thinking about offering this life-changing therapy to their patients."
– Richard Wasserman, MD, PhD

"Adored by her patients, esteemed by her colleagues, guiding us with grace and unyielding integrity, 'Dr. B' has been answering our OIT questions since 2012, culminating in this perfectly-timed and timeless book. The world is ready for this resource that could very well be a lifeline for millions."  
– Liseetsa Mann, founder of OITWorks, Inc.

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