The causes of diarrhea can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint

There are many different health problems that could be causing your diarrhea. Sometimes it could just be that our bodies are trying to get rid of toxic or decaying foods from the digestive tract.

Another major cause of diarrhea could be that you may be slightly intoxicated with food. You may not realize that you have been poisoned by food because it may only be a mild case. Just because you’re not throwing up, it doesn’t mean that the food you ate hasn’t been contaminated.

Another common cause of diarrhea is if you have a food intolerance. Some people may not be able to digest certain food components such as lactose. Lactose is the sugar found in milk. Food intolerance can cause many other symptoms besides diarrhea. If I drink milk or foods containing milk (like ice cream) it will always give me gas.

Many other people have food intolerances to artificial sweeteners and food chemicals. Many people have food intolerances to food, they don’t even realize it, and can produce disease symptoms for life if they aren’t detected.

If you can track which foods or substances are causing the problem, you can eliminate them from your diet. Anything that is toxic to the body can cause diarrhea. Many people develop diarrhea after drinking too many alcoholic beverages.

Drinking water contaminated with viruses, bacteria or parasites causes diarrhea in many people who visit foreign countries with dirty water. Their bodies are not used to being around these impurities, so they have very little tolerance for them.

Some people may have a bad reaction to any medicine they may be taking. Antibiotics, anticancer drugs, high blood pressure medications, magnesium-containing antacids and many other medications can cause diarrhea. If you developed chronic diarrhea after starting these treatments, ask your doctor if you may have a reaction to the medicines.

Another cause of diarrhea could be due to a malfunction of the digestive system, such as in the case of irritable bowel syndrome or intestinal impact.

Intestinal diseases can also be the cause of diarrhea. Some of these are Colitis, Crohn’s disease, Inflammatory bowel disease and Celiac disease.

Also another of the possible causes of diarrhea is not urination when birthmark starts. Holding it back usually gives me diarrhea. Your body is trying to get rid of excess fluids and, if it can’t get out in one way, it will try to get out in another way.

If I still don’t go to the bathroom to keep diarrhea, I usually start sweating heavily, even if I’m not hot. Your body will do whatever it deems necessary to eliminate toxins or excess substances from the body.

The best thing you can do if you have chronic diarrhea is to change your diet to include foods that will put your body into healing mode to try to heal you from any disease you may have. You need to find out which foods or substances your body may not tolerate and eliminate them from your diet.

You need to find the cause of your diarrhea and resolve it. Many people have reversed their health problems by changing their diet and detoxifying themselves from toxic chemicals or rotting food residues that have accumulated in the body.

Including better food choices can bring the digestive system back to normal. You will want to eat more raw fruits and vegetables and their raw juices, and cut all junk foods, refined foods and soft drinks. Someone I met said he always had diarrhea until he stopped drinking soft drinks.

We also recommend keeping a food diary. When you have a detailed food diary, you can review it after a couple of weeks, months or years. You will start to see the patterns and be able to understand which foods (and combinations of foods) are most in agreement with you.

Consult your diary often and note when you felt better. If you want to become healthy, you need to study how the foods you eat have a profound effect on how you feel and your overall health. Our bodies are built from what we eat and digest. There is no way around it.

Personally I have kept a food diary for about 7 years and it is an invaluable resource to which I refer often.

As you can see there are many possible causes of diarrhea and the only way to understand what is causing your diarrhea is to do a little investigative work to understand what the root cause is.

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