Symptoms of cat sneezing – 5 main causes

Kitten sneezing symptoms and cat sneezing symptoms, such as human symptoms, are not in themselves a necessarily negative sign. However, the chronic sneezes associated with other symptoms can be of particular concern. Let’s take a look at some common cat sneezing symptoms and cat cold symptoms.

1 – Dust, pollen, cleaning products, etc.

Little Muffy puts his investigative nose everywhere … in the corners, under the furniture, with old smelly shoes. Her sneeze can be nothing more than a healthy reaction to a common household irritant such as mold, dust, cleaning products or pollen or other mild cat sneezing allergies. Until your cat sneezes often, report it to his curiosity.

2 – Upper respiratory tract infection

Symptoms of cat upper respiratory tract infection can mirror cat sneeze allergies and are the most common cause of cat sneezes. Comparable to the common cold in people, they can usually be cured by good food and rest. If the sneeze continues, a natural application of homeopathic medicines may be helpful. Borax and phosphorus are two elements found to help alleviate the symptoms of sneezing in cats of all ages. As always, contact a trusted source to obtain these remedies.

3 – Dental problems

The next major cause of sneezing in cats is dental disease. This is generally not something that cat owners think of controlling, but a disease in Tabby’s teeth can easily creep into her breasts and infect her there. If your cat is in pain when eating or showing swollen gums, take him to a vet for a dental cleaning.

4 – Feline herpes

Actually quite common, the herpes virus usually causes cat sneezing symptoms and upper respiratory problems, perhaps even cat vomiting symptoms, but it only lasts a few weeks, so it hibernates. If this virus inhabits your cat, it will have it for life. However, it is rarely a danger to his health. Pulsatilla was used in ancient Greece to treat the runny nose and eyes, and is still used effectively in many homeopathic remedies for today’s cats.

5 – Feline leukemia

The most dangerous cause of cat sneezing is feline leukemia. Leukemia weakens your cat’s immune system and can cause your cat to contract other more dangerous diseases such as asthma. If applying other common remedies and medications doesn’t help, take your cat to the vet for a thorough checkup.

Cat sneeze symptoms can be warning signs of a more serious problem and are more serious when you notice kitten sneeze symptoms due to your pet’s youth, but are generally treatable with the application of safe natural homeopathic medicines, non-invasive. Always make sure that everything you use on your feline friend is FDA approved and does not contain artificial colors or preservatives.

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