Symptoms and causes of allergies

Allergy is a chemical reaction that occurs inside the human body when it comes into contact with any specific material. This normally harmless material interferes with the normal functioning of the body and produces certain compounds within the body. To counteract this, chemicals are released from the body to fight these rogue compounds. This resistance by the body emerges only as side effects known as allergies. However, not everyone is allergic. Some people have weak immunity against specific substances called allergens. Exposure to allergens causes allergy.

The causes

Allergy is a very common form of skin reaction and almost everyone is familiar with it. But that doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly. Extreme cases of allergy can also be life threatening. Below are the few causes of allergies.

1. Foods: Some foods like cheese, alcohol and meat are known to trigger allergic reactions in humans. Different people face different levels of allergies depending on the quantity and type of food taken.
2. Pets – Contact with animals is known to cause itching and sneezing in many people. Even if proper hygiene is maintained, an allergy can still occur.
3. Pills: some medicines we take to treat diseases may have side effects. These side effects can cause allergic reactions, which can sometimes even be fatal.
4. Dust and pollen: minute particles such as dust can cause severe coughing and nasal congestion.
5. Unhygienic surroundings – Dirty surroundings contain contaminants and allergens that attack the person in immediate contact with them.
6. Air Pollution – Traffic expulsion, smoke and other air pollutants cause respiratory problems for many people, as well as eye and skin disorders.


We must be aware of the symptoms of allergies. Generally these symptoms appear in groups. The following list contains common symptoms.

1. Headache – Repeated cases of headache for no apparent reason indicate allergy. It is a very common sign of an allergic reaction.
2. Itching – Constant drying and itching of the skin is also a common signal.
3. Rashes and redness – In severe cases, allergy can lead to rashes, pimples and blisters on the body depending on the extent of exposure to allergens.
4. Vomiting and constipation – Many people also experience digestive problems that indicate the onset of allergies.
5. Malaise: a feeling of illness continuously surrounds an allergic person. He finds it difficult to ignore this feeling of doom. This symptom may be accompanied by irritation and mood swings.
6. Mild fever – The allergy sufferer can constantly stay down with the fever that does not go away. This suggests continuous contact with allergy-causing substances that do not allow to cure fever.
7. Nose and throat infections are also common signs of allergies related to air pollution.
8. Lack of sleep – Insomnia or irregular sleep patterns are also observed in people suffering from allergy. In some cases there are also cases of sleeping too much.

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