Siberian Cats – The Myth of the Allergy Free Cat

Siberian cats have been called hypoallergenic. For me this is true. The definition of hypoallergenic is lower in allergens, not allergic. Every cat is different like every person. We have 5 breeding cats here at Kings Choice Siberians and one neutral plus kittens. I am highly allergic (urticaria, asthma, allergy, etc.). Complete with an allergist test to prove it. I can live with 2, no problem. This many, I need some mild medications. I bathe them every 2 – 4 weeks – Siberians can bathe and in fact many like water, removes any small amount of Fel d1 and afterwards I always allow myself to bury my face in their clean and dry fur. In my house I have no curtains, only blinds and rugs. Also, I don’t sleep my cats in my personal bedroom to create a free area. Finally, I assign the waste to others and roll the waste containers in case I end up doing it. With all this, I’m fine. Temporarily, until the puppies are housed – we have 10. At the moment I am sitting here well writing it, no less in the spring, without blinking as if I were at someone’s house with only one domestic cat. Every person and cat differs. I feel a slight itch when a claw of a kitten pierces me, but they are very young and covered with mom’s saliva. Just a touch of Benadryl cream and it’s gone.

Vacuum, bathe them and invest in a real Siberian breed, not a refuge cat. Honestly, it is highly doubtful that any Siberian race is found in shelters. If you are willing to take medicine from time to time and / or Benadryl’s scratch cream (assuming you are a very high allergy like me), you should do well. Customers with minor allergies tell me they don’t have any symptoms. Like I said, all cats and people differ. We only breed traditional Siberians. The difference between a traditional and a “non” is that others have a color point gene. They received it somewhere in their past by crossing the Siamese. These, I fear because I do not wish to add any potential allergy levels to what is already an extraordinary breed. Nevas, Neva Masquerade, Color Point Siberians, CP or even Lynx have been named: they are all the same. Some allergy sufferers also claim to do well with the Nevas, but it’s not worth the risk for me. You will know them immediately with their white coloring and Siamese-style markings. Traditional Siberians are available in all tabby colors and in many solids. Cinnamon, lilac and fawn are the only colors not allowed. The reason is that it was again produced through crossbreeds. They are not traditional natural colors for Siberians.

I have people asking for Fel d1 tests. This is not a great way to choose your Siberian. The test facility will tell you that they have a 50% margin of error on perfect tests. This error percentage actually increases with any errors in the collection. This makes the test worthless. It is also very expensive. Breeders offer these numbers more to please the public than for any real value. Also the fur test is useless since the breeder could have bathed the 1st cat. Bathing with the previous month cancels the test. Another cat may have licked the test cat by transferring saliva with Fel d1. So how does it reduce? Well, NOTHING is allergy free. They recently discovered that people can be allergic to cold air. So to say that there is no allergy is to lie. However, as I said hypoallergenic, it means reducing allergens. Yes, it is possible that a Siberian is hypoallergenic. Even a person with severe allergies like me can happily live with a cat of his own. You must be willing to take the steps to investigate your breeding of choice, to pay the fees necessary for breeding such a miraculous animal and to take cleaning precautions so that you can live a long happy life with a wonderful pet that often lives past 20 years. If you’ve always wanted a cat – it’s your dearest wish and you’d be willing and responsible, then I suggest you take a look at the breed. It could be just what you’ve always wanted.

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