Recognize an adverse reaction to hydrogen peroxide in professional teeth whitening

If you are interested in having your teeth whitened professionally, it is imperative to learn to recognize the symptoms associated with an adverse reaction to the hydrogen peroxide contained in the teeth whitening gel. While most people have had no reactions to this substance, there have been known cases where an allergic reaction has occurred when the individual has been subjected to high concentration levels of the substance. Professional dental bleaching procedures often use bleaching gels that have high levels of hydrogen peroxide to quickly achieve dramatic bleaching results.

Hydrogen peroxide is a substance that has proven to be potentially toxic if ingested. While most dental bleaching procedures use it mixed with a gel, there is a possibility that a small amount may be ingested during the procedure. Typically, small concentrations may not cause side effects, but animal and emergency case studies involving this product and humans indicate that there have been complications associated with ingesting higher concentrations of the substance. Erosions in the stomach area, burns to the throat tissues, distension related to abdominal gas, vomiting, ulcerations and diarrhea can occur.

People who experience an immediate allergic reaction to the high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide contained in the professional tooth whitening gel can cause a burst of urticaria, respiratory complications and swelling in and around the mouth, face and throat. If you are interested in whitening your teeth, it is often best to select a home teeth whitening kit. While these contain peroxide, it is normally a very low percentage and has not been associated with serious health complications. In addition, hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening systems can be replaced with home systems incorporating the use of carbamide peroxide. Although effective in removing stains from the teeth, this mild form of peroxide does not have the same properties that can cause complications.

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