Natural remedies that you can use to improve allergy symptoms

Allergies can prevent you from having a normal life. This is especially true of those who suffer from allergies all year round. It’s a miserable state to be in, so throw in the fact that you have to take toxic antihistamine drugs to suppress your symptoms. If you talk to a naturopathic doctor, you will find that there are natural and healthier alternatives to treating allergies.

After performing allergy tests, the following remedies can be used to relieve symptoms.


This is a natural allergy treatment that is taken sublingually (under the tongue). It is a form of immunotherapy, which means that your body is trained to detect these “allergens” for what they really are: harmless particles. So over time, your body stops reacting negatively to these substances, allowing you to live a normal life. This form of treatment can be obtained from a naturopathic doctor.

Salt rinse

If you know you are going to deal with allergy symptoms, try rinsing your nose with saline. This is nothing but salt water. It will wash away any pollen inside that can trigger your allergies. It will not replace drugs or treatments such as SLIT, but it is a good temporary solution.

Take fish oil supplements

Studies show that those with allergic asthma can lower leukotriene levels by consuming fish oil supplements daily. This is a chemical which causes allergic reactions. Allergic asthma is asthma that expands when you are exposed to substances that you are allergic to.

Wear sunglasses and hats

Wide-brimmed hats are preferable because they can help keep pollen away from the face. Sunglasses also help prevent pollen from entering the eyes, preventing symptoms such as tearing and itching.

Try Butterbur

This is an herb that has been shown to help improve pollen allergies. It is also commonly used to relieve headaches. There are studies showing that it is effective for nasal symptoms. If you don’t like taking antihistamines that cause sleepiness, this could be a good alternative. Note that there are no studies demonstrating the safety of long-term butterbur use.


There is a possibility that acupuncture may help alleviate hay fever. In a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, allergy sufferers received 12 sessions of acupuncture instead of antihistamines and showed that their relief was higher. It is unclear why acupuncture might help, but it may have something to do with its ability to curb inflammatory substances in the immune system.

If you go to a naturopathic doctor for your allergies, you can find out more about natural alternatives. You can also learn about other treatments, such as ozone therapy and acupuncture.

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