Migraine Headache – No Holds Barred-SooyBean, Soybeans, “Oil Pulling” & Old Mother Hubbard

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A friend once said, “You have a talent for drama.”

I will keep this short :)))

For years ~ I have suffered from “migraine” 🙁 :(: I use 2 frowning symbols to illustrate how severe these headaches are: ((

I have had migraines that have lasted for days: ((Nothing would provide lasting relief: ((When a migraine finally went away ~ Her brother from hell was sure to get there !!!

Well ~ “Oil Pulling” only “Knocked Out My Migraine ~ In 10 minutes” !!! :))

My “miserable migraines” are like a “direct result” of a “soy allergy” 🙁 Yes ~ the “average soy” that sick business “Beancounters” launched on the public under the pretext of being ~ “Good for you “~ for your own economic gain: ((

God also created other “poisonous plants” ~ But he never thought that his human creation could consume them in practically all their prepared foods: ((A teaspoon of Mao & # 39; in a salad dressing or ~ on a sandwich ~ it will mean “Mean Migraine”: ((I seriously doubt if the “Soy” was resident in “The Garden of Eden” 🙁

I realize that I am “running the risk” of having been sued by growers for “Defamation of the Soy Character” ~ especially if my article is widely circulated and adversely affects world markets: ((

Yet ~ “Money Mongers should realize that” They can’t get blood out of this shot “!!!

Still ~ could they manage to silence me? Please ~ forward this short article to your friends and publish this ~ my article “Soybean disease” ~ to ALL “Human Beings” you care about :))) They might be glad they did :))

We leave “Save The Planet” from the “Savage Ravage Of SoyBean Destruction” !!!

I have a friend from Hawaii 🙂 Joe said “Dole has plowed under the lands of Pineapple Plantation ~ To plant more profitable soybeans”: ((

I can only imagine what other “Secret Operations ~ Sly ~ SoyBean” are already in progress: ((

Okay ~ Not everyone is “allergic” to “Smelly & soy beans” ~ As I am 🙁 Soy and soy beans are very “succulent and tasty” :)) What a smart disguise?

Almost all “vitamin E” is derived from “sadistic soy” 🙁 “Is the traditional medicine community” involved in this “soybean cover-up” ~ for “MegaMoney”?

I am sure ~ that “medical experts” can be brought forward ~ to challenge my “dangerous accusations” ~ “Attack My Character” ~ E “Prove Me Wrong”: (((

This is a “follow-up article” ~ actually article no. 2 of a new “Health” ~ series which involves my personal experience with “Oil Pulling Therapy” :))))

If you are a “1st Time Reader” ~ you may want to read my first ezine article on the topic “Oil Pulling”?

Article 1st series “Oil Pulling” .

I ask you ~ My esteemed readers ~ To answer these 5 questions:

1. “ANY legitimate medical research has been published ~ confirming that soy is NOT” a health risk? “;

2. “Animal Lover & # 39; s ~ Dare We Allow” Researchers “to” Subject Felines of the Future ~ Disgusting Dogs ~ And Endangered Primates ~ Evils of Establishing Scientific Evidence That Soy Is Unsafe ?? Maybe, mosquitoes or fruit flies ?? “;

3. “There would be something left to sell to our supermarkets ~ Except for fresh food ~ Some canned” vegetables “~ and Ketchup ~ If ALL products containing” partially hydrogenated “soy derivatives were removed from the shelves ~ While the necessary analysis and research have been completed ??? “;

4. “Will The Fast Food Joints ~ Like McDonald’s ~ Survive This More Devastating Disclosure Challenge than the movie” SuperSize “????”;

5. “Will Mother Earth & # 39; s ~ Old Mother Hubberd ~ When he returns to his belief ~ Do you find him perfect again ?????”

For the sake of planet Earth ~ The very survival of mankind and future generations ~ For the protection of the great universe of God ~ For the benefit of soon revealing alien civilizations visiting our earthly sphere ~ Please ~ Think about this! !!

There’s a lot more involved here than just my headaches :)))

Anyway ~ I got my “Oil Extraction Therapy” masking ~ For that :))))

I love you 🙂

Rascal Russ Miles :))

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