Ideas For Flowers And Wedding Colors

I have the opportunity to decorate a local Italian restaurant for their newly designed wedding services. We want the flowers and plants that we put in the restaurant to be a selection of those that are grown in Italy to decorate and flowers that a bride would bring on her wedding day.

The most traditional flowers for a wedding in Italy are orange, white lily and white rose, yellow and pink flowers. In general, use only delicate shades of colors (white, yellow, pink, orange), so that they match the bride’s white dress. The bride’s buquet is usually very simple, all white or yellow, with lily or orange flowers as the best choice (these flowers represent purity and innocence).

You can also show the bride and groom what kind of flowers and plants you had in mind and why the bride and groom have a good idea of ​​what kind of flowers and plants will be there and can kind of photos what it will look like when they first enter the day of marriage.

Yellow and orange would be good colors. You want to use a yellow that has the same intensity as the orange of the clothes. The burnt orange sounds soft. You are not going to match your clothes because this gives a very fake look. You want to coordinate the colors to go with the clothes.

There are many flowers which are yellow. Actually, since you are using silk flowers, you can dye yellow and orange flowers with Rit fabric dye. So if you can get white silk flowers, you can get orange or yellow quite easily. Make sure you always wear gloves with the use of dyes. Follow the directions on the package exactly for rinsing so that the colors do not come off. Use nice silk flowers. If they look good on you, they should photograph well. I personally think that real flowers are less expensive than beautiful silks.

But they are more difficult to use than silks and if you have allergies or if someone who is getting married has allergies, it can be a real problem. For that person and it will make them go away much faster even if they don’t want to.

But because of allergies they will have to leave. Having a dose of silk flowers sounds good, but you should also add some real flowers so that it makes the silk look like they are real flowers. But make sure the flowers you choose are the colors you want for the wedding. If you get the wrong color, you may throw away the other colors of your wedding and it won’t match any of the colors you have in the wedding.

The only thing to keep in mind with blue is that there are few design materials in that color. One that comes to mind is the hydrangea. Another is the hybrid Delphinium. This basically sums up the blue flowers. All the others are more towards purple. So you could use that color as an accent … since focal flowers don’t come in that color. Wood tones will go with anything. The cranberry should go with all your magenta / pink (“Pink Broadway” Lily).

There are roses and lilies in various shades of red and bright pink in addition to many other flowers that are in those colors. Alstroemeria as a filler. Another flower with many bright looks is the Gerber Daisy. Mothers and carnations are less expensive.

How about using orange and pink flowers with just a touch of purple to accentuate. You could also go with cream-colored flowers and tie them with a champagne ribbon. Orange and shades of pink are really nice together and go well with violet. All of these colors would work well with your colors. You don’t want to get to many colors in progress, but you also don’t want to draw attention to the “special” tie of the groom) I advise you to take a sample of your dress and bridesmaid dresses from your florist for her also to help you.

Another idea is to take the samples to a hobby shop where they have silk flowers. Experiment with different colors until you find the right combination. Just because the groom will wear a purple tie doesn’t mean you have to incorporate it into the wedding. Since you wear all very neutral colors, your flowers can be a combination of all the colors you like. Browse the catalogs and wedding magazines for ideas.

You could stay simple with white bouquets with embedded pinks and reds or throw in some greens. Or, you may simply have a mixed deck with different colors. Look around and visit some florists for a better view. Since you are quoting warm colors, we suggest a warm color for the flowers. Any ivory or milk flower would not provide enough contrast and would be just blah. To make it more festive, we would say the peach color and if you want you can mix a little ivory and milk color, which will help you blend everything together.

Gerbera daisies, calla lilies, gladioli, stargazers, asters and chrysanthemums are beautiful autumn flowers for autumn weddings. Lilies tend to have very long stems like daisies. For shorter stem flowers, a small florist ribbon can keep those in order even in a revealing bouquet tied by hand. All flowers (except calla lilies) are available in beautiful autumn colors (reds, yellows, oranges, etc.). Also, depending on where you are getting your flowers from, you can also have a good selection of roses.

Remember that South America has several growing seasons, so it is also possible to get some South American roses with autumn colors.

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