Hypoallergenic jewelry

This type of jewelry was created for those who have sensitive skin and an allergy to nickel jewelry. Some don’t even realize they have an allergy to nickel jewelry until they wear some that contain it and the next day they have a bad rash. The circumstances that arise are on the rise and instead of treating the rash, you need to treat the problem. This can be done using hypoallergenic jewelry. This jewel does not use harmful alloys, especially nickel.

What is it made of?

This type of jewel is made of surgical steel, ten to fourteen carat gold or titanium. It can also be made of niobium. One of the advantages of wearing jewelry made of titanium or niobium is that neither of them has a reaction with skin makeup. These metals are generally used as a coating on jewelry. They can also use platinum or nickel-free pure copper. Sometimes the jewelry is made of nickel allows. Another type of jewelry that is said to be hypoallergenic is that of jewelry made using threads and beads.


The main advantage of wearing hypoallergenic jewelry is not waking up with a bad rash the next day. Other benefits include:

• It is safe for prolonged use without reactions or rashes
• You will never have to deal with a rash even if you develop a nickel allergy later in life
• It does not compromise the quality of its design since it is made with different types of materials


• Avoid wearing jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, etc. At home to make sure that the skin is not exposed to metals frequently
• Do not buy oxidized or cheap jewelry
• When buying hypoallergenic jewelry, make sure that you get a genuine deal and that it is marked as hypoallergenic
• If you wear body jewelry, remember that it comes in contact with your body for a long period of time. If you are allergic to nickel, you may be at risk of developing a serious infection, so be sure to look for jewelry with the nickel free or surgical label to make sure it is hypoallergenic.

Most people who have pierced ears wear earrings continuously so as to avoid having painful ear lobes or a piercing infection, play safely and wear hypoallergenic earrings. Hypoallergenic jewelry is more expensive, but in the end it is worth not having to worry about rashes and infections.

You can find these jewels in jewelers, department stores and trendy jewelers. Just check the label before purchasing to make sure it is hypoallergenic.

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