How to help a dog suffering from skin allergies

All dogs scratch occasionally, but if your dog seems to be constantly scratching, it could be a sign that he is suffering from some type of allergy. Some of these conditions can be easily cured, but dogs with pollen or environmental allergies may require lifelong treatment.

Skin inflammation is common for dogs with allergies and can cause them to scratch, lick, chew or rub their faces obsessively. To keep suffering under control, the owner must commit to drawing attention to skin exacerbations, effective pest control and some simple household strategies. Here are some ways to get started.

  • Check the fleas. Your dog’s vet will be able to provide the most effective treatment for your pet. Sometimes this can result in a problem with fleas in the home. If so, the veterinarian should be able to recommend useful treatments or you may need to resort to a professional insect / pest control service.
  • Bathe your dog. Often a cool bath with an oatmeal shampoo will give your dog some relief. You should be able to do this up to twice a week. If skin irritation is more severe, the vet may prescribe an antibiotic shampoo to use.
  • Clothing for your dog. It might seem strange, but a tight shirt or body made of a light fabric can keep allergens that irritate your dog away from his skin. It will also help prevent your dog from gnawing or biting an irritation and turning it into a full-blown open wound.
  • Food for your dog. If your dog has a food allergy, you can work with the vet to find a special pet food or even a home-prepared diet that helps alleviate symptoms.

Don’t hesitate to act now. If your dog has allergy symptoms, he is probably unhappy. Since he is a member of the family, you will want to give him some relief as soon as possible.

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