Food allergy tips: travel with a corn allergy

Traveling with a corn allergy or any food allergy can be daunting. You cannot bring creamy foods or liquids. So what does a person with a food allergy have to do, especially if he is serious enough that he cannot risk it? If you have a severe allergy, you will want to wear a medical alert bracelet and consult your doctor before traveling to take the appropriate precautions.

Although my allergy is not life-threatening, as some food allergies can be, I personally try not to eat anything at airports due to the extreme discomfort of the combination of flight and bloating at the same time. Also, who wants to feel tired and rotten while traveling? So, I do my best to pack food that can go through safety and make them aware of having all those foods and allow them to control everything in the way they prefer. Usually they send me through the car like anything else.

What cannot be placed in the food bag is as follows: something creamy like sauces or peanut butter, sauce, jelly, cream cheese, sauce, syrup, oil, vinegar, sauces, salad dressings or soups. This definitely leaves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches out! You can’t even buy a salad at the airport and bring your dressing. Plus, you won’t have any way of keeping things cold for a long time besides a small cooler bag or maybe an insulated lunch bag.

To plan your trip well, consider how much you will need to eat before arriving at your destination. If you are taking an international flight, plan well. Vitamin and protein food bars are a great option. Crackers with whole pieces of hard cheese, which you plan to eat soon, are another option. Cookies and muffins usually arrive when cakes are allowed, but they can be inspected more carefully. I drank open cans of tuna, but no mayonnaise because it is creamy. Walnuts and other snacks are fine, but my advice is to go low in salt. Just remember to try to avoid creamy or saucy foods and to prepare extra foods in case you are not allowed to bring something on the plane.

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