Food Allergies and Me: A Children’s Book

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Food Allergies and Me is a children’s book that provides an engaging and relatable experience for children who are beginning to learn about and cope with food allergies. Explore the life of a food allergic child as you follow Jack through a day of school, an allergist appointment, and the playground. Young children will begin to understand the importance of identifying allergens, asking for help when unsure, and alerting an adult immediately should they experience symptoms of an allergic reaction. Jack’s confidence demonstrates to the reader that having a food allergy is not a stigma or shame. Rather, it is a safety issue made simple with the ability to self advocate. Whether a child has allergies or has a friend who does, they will benefit from social lessons such as not sharing food, washing hands, and embracing one another’s differences. This book equips children with social and safety knowledge, as well as the tools needed to confidently navigate life with food allergies.

"An allergic child might enjoy seeing a book character bring their own "safe cupcake" to a birthday party, as it is familiar to so many allergic families…" –

"Food Allergies and Me teaches kids essential safety knowledge in a relatable, engaging way, which will help them build knowledge and awareness in explaining their food allergy to others…" —

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