Fluoride Toxicity Allergy – Is Fluorine Making You Sick?

Abdominal pain, weakness and tiredness, unpleasant headaches, joint pain for no reason – are you or a member of your family? Is there a simple cause and a direct solution, usually overlooked by about ninety-five percent of doctors?

Fluorination of water is provided for most citizens only in a small group of countries including the USA, Australia and Ireland. Presumably it is for the control of caries in children. Canada once had more than fifty percent of people using fluoridated water, but has now dropped to around thirty-five percent, with numerous cities having shut down.

The prevailing wisdom in government health agencies and dental associations is that fluorinated water cannot harm health. But recent major studies and 60-year clinical reports say otherwise.

In 2006 the National Research Council of the United States published the report of its three-year review of the toxicology of fluoride in drinking water. He observed all levels of fluoride from much higher levels than those used in fluoridation schemes down to lower levels. It has emerged that there are clear risks for consumers, particular vulnerable subsets such as infants who use tap water with fluoride, patients with kidneys and the very large number of people with thyroid disease or iodine deficiency. Many of the detailed health risks were long-term damage caused by many years of fluoride accumulation, but this article examines another type of vulnerable water consumer, those with allergies, rapid fluoride reactions.

When fluoridation was first introduced to the United States in the 1940s and 1950s, doctors such as the president of the American Academy of Allergies, Dr. George Waldbott, wrote a series of case histories of patients suffering from adverse reactions. when their water became fluorinated. Fluoride has been shown to cause disease only when patients spend time in another city without fluoride and return home getting sick every time. As part of the surgery, clinical verification tests were also performed to confirm the diagnosis.

Two decades later exactly the same types of symptoms were discovered in a large number of patients in the Netherlands when a medical team conducted double-blind tests on them in Amsterdam. Some doctors had patients who lived in fluorinated and non-fluorinated suburbs and noticed the difference, leading to the creation of the team to scientifically examine fluoride disease. Fluoridation was abandoned and effectively outlawed by Parliament, following the results of the process led by dr. Hans Moolenburgh.

This subgroup of people develops bad toxic symptoms within a few hours or a day or two after starting to use fluoridated water. The symptoms manifest themselves as an allergy. These people are two or three percent with a very high sensitivity to the toxic action of fluorine.

The type of disease they develop varies through stomach pain and intestinal pain, severe headache, weakness and fatigue, skin rashes, mouth ulcers, worsening of allergic conditions including wheezing, blurred vision, excessive thirst and joint pain. The common themes are (a) almost everyone has fatigue which is not even relieved by sleep, and (b) the symptoms manifest themselves quickly and can only be alleviated by completely avoiding all sources of fluoride.

Fluoridation has become so widely accepted in a handful of countries that it favors that patients are simply hung out to dry, to take care of themselves. Some take years to find out the cause of their suffering. Oddly enough, medical associations and journals rarely discuss it anymore. Health department propaganda says there is no fluoride allergy or toxicity. The sick find out through word of mouth from friends or family or one of the most environmentally aware doctors or naturopaths they could visit.

The only way to heal if these fluoride symptoms occur is to buy very large quantities of bottled, fluorine-free water, or mount the expensive type of filter that removes fluoride. So you need to use the fluoride-free water for all the drinking water, fill the kettle for hot drinks and cooking water. Some of the more sensitive sufferers even need to use fluoride-free water for bathing, which becomes almost impossible to reach in a fluorescent city.

Filters that can remove fluoride are reverse osmosis units, ion exchange resin type filters and distillation. All of them are expensive and have their drawbacks. Nobody is suitable for the filtration of the whole house to purify the water in the bathroom and shower.

Finally, the patient who identified fluoride as the culprit must avoid all bottled and canned products made in a fluorinated city since these products can be made with tap water. Only painful trials and errors, usually many errors, lead to discover the limited regime that will allow you to recover your health. Those who get it are eternally grateful and naturally quite unhappy for the political regime that continues to put offensive fluoride into their water, keeping the public in the dark for the damage it is causing.

Good luck; it is worth pursuing this investigation and solution if you suffer from these problems without finding out why you feel so rotten.

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