Do Cell Phones Cause Some Types of Rashes?

As controversy continues to rage on cell phone radiation and brain tumors, some now blame tech gadgets for various types of rash. Some consumers have reported that their iPod, PDA or cell phone detonated them in a red rash or hives. Many consumers buy a tech gadget and use it heavily in the first few days and suddenly realize they have a contact rash that leads them to return their new tech toy.

Todd Resengart, head of cardiothoracic surgery at Stony Brook University, believes that many of the metals used in the production of technological gadgets may be the trigger for these allergic reactions. The problem is that there are many people who are very sensitive to some metals. Nickel is often accused of several types of rash and many people have nickel contact allergies. Cell phones and tech gadgets are often made from nickel-containing batteries.

If you notice that you are breaking into hives or various types of rashes, you should of course stop using the product, regardless of how dependent you are on it. A doctor may be able to diagnose what exactly is causing your allergy. Some users suggest buying a skin for your tech gadget that can stop the rashes. A skin for those unfamiliar is simply a cover that goes beyond your gadget. They are used by many to customize their technological toys as they are often available in various prints.

With the use of PDAs and cell phones that only increase its similarity, we can see more of these types of allergic reactions if they are responsible. I am sure that we can expect many more studies and the controversies and debate will continue.

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