Chronic sinusitis and food intolerance

Chronic sinusitis is an infection that occurs in the nasal cavities. This infection is better known as inflammation of the membranes of the nasal passage and is caused by allergies that enter the nose and cause irritation. This irritation sends all types of messages to the nasal cells that release histamines in an attempt to eliminate the obstacles that have penetrated the nose.

These mixed messages cause excessive mucus production and the inability of the mucus to properly drain from the nose. When mucus is trapped in the nasal passages, the affected individual can experience all kinds of annoying symptoms ranging from the feeling of fatigue to getting constant pressure in the head.

Foods that aggravate the breasts

There are many foods that we consume that can contribute to the aggression of sinus infections and other nasal infections. These sinus infections can be caused by many types of allergens to which the human body is exposed daily; from the food we eat to the type of environments we are exposed to.

An example of food that aggravates the breasts would be gluten, which can be identified with celiac disease. Gluten helps to thicken the mucus that could cause a sinus infection to heal even longer than expected. Below is a list of multiple foods that can cause aggravation of an aggravation of sinus infection.

dairy product

If you can’t spend a day without dairy products because they are your only source of calcium, you may want to take calcium in another form, because dairy products are also known to be the main reason for overproduction and thickening of mucus. This is especially the case when post-nasal drip or sinus infection occurs.

Spicy foods

There are numerous sites on the Internet that recommend eating spicy foods as a natural remedy for eliminating nasal congestion. This seems to be a myth because spicy foods can actually irritate the sinuses through acid reflux. Acid reflux can occur in the stomach but when acids from the stomach occur, there is nothing that prevents them from irritating the throat and paranasal sinuses.


Alcohol contains a fair amount of histamines, in addition to this, it is responsible for dehydration of both the body and the sinuses and can cause acid reflux.

Caffeinated drinks

There is a small exception to tea since herbal teas can be quite good for breast problems, but tea, coffee and soda cause acid reflux. These can also cause the individual who drinks tea to urinate a lot, leaving the body dehydrated and the breasts taking longer to recover. So when advising patients to stay hydrated and drink hot drinks for nasal hydration, soups or water should be tried instead.

Symptoms of chronic sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis it usually develops after acute sinusitis has not been treated properly. Her infection can take long periods of time to treat effectively. One does not have to experience all the symptoms listed below in order to have a sinus infection, but an infection cannot be diagnosed based on a symptom.

  • Nasal congestion which makes breathing unpleasant.
  • The inability to taste and smell food.
  • Feel pain when touching the facial temples.
  • Often have greenish / yellowish mucus coming out of the nose.

It’s important to watch what you eat when you have a sinus infection and make sure you’re getting proper treatment.

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