Can scented carpet dust irritate allergies and asthma?

One of the main problems that some of you may encounter when trying to keep our houses fresh and clean is the need to continually use scented sprays and the worst offender is the scented power of the carpet that irritates allergies, asthma is activated. You may not be affected by the scented carpet dust on an annual basis, but regardless of which allergy season you suffer the most, allergies are still a serious problem for those who suffer mainly from allergies that trigger asthma.

What are the causes that perfumes react to your senses?

Regardless of the scents that trigger an allergic reaction, one of the biggest problems is the excessive use of any scented carpet dust that irritates allergies, asthma is activated through a simple bombardment of many different perfumes for which the immune system of the your body, associated with a normal allergy season, simply breaks down and cannot block allergic reactions.

Avoid failure

One of the best ways to avoid immune system overload and immunity breakdown is to actually examine items in your family that contain a large amount of listed chemicals and start adopting more substance-free product use chemical. It is extremely difficult to avoid many of these scented carpet powder products or any chemically laden products as they invite us to keep our homes fresh and clean, but at the cost of many who find the scented carpet dust irritates the allergies that asthma receives more complaints, disputes.

One of the worst offenders of allergic asthma disorders is ammonia, which is very evident in such products that you use at home as glass cleaners. Another offender is in a cleaning product that may not register as an allergen inducer for you and is the one found in toilet cleaners, Paradichloro-benzene. Even using your favorite furniture cleaner and intensive use cleaners everyone uses an oil distillate as a basic ingredient; all this causes an asthmatic reaction.

Become natural!

One of the reasons we use scented carpet dust is quite simple: to eliminate the offensive odors in our rugs. The best natural product you can use on your carpets to eliminate odors immediately is by sprinkling baking soda on the carpet and leaving it for a short period of time, then vacuuming it. This is a perfect solution even for those of us who forget where we vacuumed because the white color of the baking soda acts as a guide to suction.

If you are part of the 1% of the population suffering from the effects of the scented dust of the carpet, therefore irritating asthma allergies, you must look at all the labels in the cleaning corridor of the house to know exactly why this is a problem and look for a solution. natural.

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