Australian scientists Turn on peanut allergies

This was greeted with enthusiasm today as scientists announce that trials to overcome peanut anaphylactic shock have been successful. Although it will not be available for some time to the general public, they have shown that their subjects are now free from the condition after the experiments end. Reportedly, the children died after coming into oral contact with the nut which triggered an immediate reaction.

The danger they face is horrendous as they cannot eat anything from school canteens, public restaurants or anywhere else that can serve something containing nut residue. Even drinks apparently aren’t always recommended without them being known to be nut-free.

This prompted manufacturers to label their products with a warning that they may have been in contact with peanuts or words to do so. This puts a strain on the buyer who must read each label to ensure the safety of allergy sufferers.

While my health has always been excellent and presumably I can eat anything without a reaction in recent times strange things have happened. One of the things that triggers a reaction is now Omega 3 oil that comes from fish. My throat tends to swell and this is dangerous as it can prevent air from entering the lungs.

Another accident happened in a restaurant where I ate with chips. As they were ingested, my body suddenly became pale and a draining sensation caught me. My son took me out to shoot me outdoors. Feeling better, I resumed the meal and when another potato was eaten I fell on the floor almost passed out. Whatever these chips have been cooked for, they trigger an allergic reaction.

This shows how attentive someone with a nut allergy or anything else should be when choosing to dine out. The stress for those involved is horrendous and this makes scientific news even more interesting for them today.

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