Allergy MSG – Cut MSG to lose weight

I am sick again and tired of being tired. I have to realize that my body and MSG don’t go together. I always felt like I didn’t have as much energy as everyone else. The battles with depression have been a constant struggle in my life, and sometimes I don’t understand how everyone else is keeping up with the world. I am going to eliminate MSG for weight and energy loss. I have tried every diet; mail order sale, mail order sale very expensive, gluten-free, vegetarian, lemonade, cabbage soup … the list goes on and on. However, I remember feeling able to conquer the world when I was on an MSG-free diet. I didn’t eat anything that had been teased by the man. I felt great! Why did I stop? Oh, that’s right; Bacon.

Food producers are quite deceptive and convincing when it comes to this. There are several names for MSG, or related glutamic acid (and still the cause of reaction), Umami, hydrolyzed proteins, sodium casinate, calcium casinate, autolyzed yeast, structured proteins, food yeast, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins. The happy feeling ingredient “natural flavors” -40% MSG! If any of these forms of glutamate contains less than 99% monosodium glutamate, they should not be labeled “contains MSG”. Not only did they alter the monosodium glutamate even more chemically, but they also convinced the government not to have major allergic reactions.

Allergic reactions to MSG can be subtle and may appear to be caused by stress. If you suffer from headaches, chest pain, fast heartbeat, diarrhea, depression, mood swings, anxiety, hyperactivity, tumors, insomnia, asthma attacks, swelling of the tongue MSG may be the cause. Allergic reactions are difficult to perceive, but they should go away if you are allergic to MSG and stop consuming it.

An interesting side effect of MSG is its ability to tell the body to continue eating. Glutamate is an amino acid that triggers the reward system in the brain. So more and more glutamate enters the body and tells the body to feel good in the end upsets the balance needed for a healthy mind. I feel it is time to finally get off MSG.

I was reading some MSG for this article, and low and behold, almost everything has MSG (in some form) in it! Ranch dressing, vegetarian soups, powdered cheeses (my favorite crispy puff that comes in a bag) Caesar salad dressing, deli sandwich meat … the list is so vast! As I continued reading all the products that contain MSG or any type of glutamate that has been concentrated by man and I am simply fed up. It seems that everything has a form of concentrated glutamate. I also want to eliminate MSG for weight loss.

Since eating fresh fruit and vegetables is the easiest way to make sure I don’t take MSG, I expect weight loss along with it.

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