Allergies: powerful natural remedies revealed

There is a common practice today, among many doctors, to stamp anything that they cannot successfully diagnose, “allergy”. The reason for this is that so little is known about allergies that diagnosis leaves much room for discussion and explanation. “Undefined” diagnoses have always been favored by less responsible doctors. Two hundred years ago, a condition that could not be diagnosed was called “bad moods” and anyone who had suffered from stomach pain, cancer or gallstones had been told that his moods were acting. This was followed by the “acid” theory, in which strange and mysterious acids were responsible for all undiagnosed conditions.

This is not to say that there are no allergies. There is certainly a strange group of bodily reactions that have been given the title, allergy. To be exact, there are two of these groups: those that are localized on the surface of the body, from face to foot, or skin allergies; and those that populate the chest, throat and nasal areas or respiratory allergies. These two groups include most of the allergic reactions.

Common conditions such as hay fever, asthma, sinusitis, etc. are present in the respiratory group. These conditions are centered in the respiratory system, but some (especially hay fever and breast conditions) tend to spill over into other areas, such as the eyes which can water, red and swell in the event of a severe attack. There are good reasons to believe that these particular allergies are related to vitamin C deficiency. Low potency (natural) vitamin C pills have proven useful in the treatment of these allergies, as has B complex.

Skin allergies, urticaria and nettle rash, for example, are somehow related to an excess body acid condition. This is not to be confused with the “mysterious acids” of a hundred years ago, which were conveniently blamed for most diseases. The acids I speak of are produced directly inside the body and consumed day after day in the daily diet. The rational diet, with its balanced intake and its natural form, will not support a hyperacid condition. To defeat this condition when it already exists in the body, it is necessary to completely clean the system.

Herbal laxative pills (1-2 per day for three days); mild enemas (1 per day, for a week) and the Return to Nature diet will provide the complete broom required by a hyperacid condition. The recommendation included daily natural baths with particular emphasis on the affected area. Pressure baths (showers) on the affected area and a mild (not too brisk) rubbing after the bath were effective. Where the skin was particularly dry, a few drops of olive oil were applied.

Skin allergy patients were advised to soften the water used for the bath with a cup of starch. Baking soda should never be used to soften water for sensitive skin, since it is an alkali and will have a dehydrating and destructive effect over time.

Dry skin should not be wet too frequently or for long periods of time. Baths should be quick and olive oil can help alleviate the loss of skin oil. Air baths should be abandoned frequently as a replacement for daily water baths that you may miss.

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