Alcohol and urticaria: is there any relationship?

Alcohol is one of the causes of a urticaria outbreak for those who drink wine or beer due to the development of an allergic reaction. Allergies occur when the body’s immune system identifies something you drink as risky and tries to throw it out. Some ingredients found in wine and some beers are known to be the triggers of a hive as it is the release of histamines from the alcoholic beverage that leads to the hives. If you are allergic to alcohol, you can experience some of the symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, swelling and rashes. Urticaria is a very common problem that affects 15% of the American population every year. It can be kept under control only with due diligence on what is consumed.

After drinking alcohol if you develop urticaria or have swollen skin, you may be allergic to alcohol. Alcohol reactions are not unusual although they are not common. Hives occur when your body processes alcohol and produces excess chemicals to break down alcohol. If you face this problem for the most part and it hasn’t gotten worse, you can probably relax anyway if that’s a new problem, so it’s best to see an allergist. Alcoholic beverages contain natural histamine-like chemicals that can cause redness and hives in vulnerable people and some people may even be allergic to any component of a drink.

It is not entirely known how many people suffer from alcohol urticaria because many of the normal alcohol-related symptoms are also associated with the allergic reaction. The redness of the skin of the face and neck, the inflamed eyes and nose, urticaria, vomiting and eczema are typical reactions of the alcohol content and also symptoms of allergic reactions to alcohol. Mold allergies in alcohol can cause allergic reactions and usually manifest in the form of hives.

Alcohol can contain numerous ingredients, which can cause allergies and hives. Some allergies would require you to abstain from alcohol. Receiving an alcohol allergy is possible but not typical. However, a reaction to alcohol is caused by the ingredient found in drinks such as sulphites, malt and many other chemical additions such as yeast. The person suffers from allergies when his immune system recognizes something that is consumed is dangerous. Therefore, your body starts to get rid of it. Alcohol is expected to worsen symptoms in urticaria patients, however alcohol can rarely trigger urticaria.

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