7 Dangers to the Autumn Dog Season: Remember these for a safe and healthy dog

As summer leaves us and its unique challenges, autumn comes with a cool breeze and a cool night and a unique set of autumnal dangers for our canine friends.

Acorns and oak leaves – This is new to me but it is real. Some dogs really like acorns, the problem is that acorns are poisonous to dogs. Finally, if there is water with oak leaves, it could also be poisonous. So advise your dog to leave the acorns to the squirrels and not drink puddles!

Leave stacks – Children and dogs seem to love those stacks of leaves that we see at this time of year, at least in some parts of the United States. Be careful though, you don’t know what else was collected in creating that pile or what creatures might be there.

Hibernating animals – Even though they are probably not yet hibernating, they may have filed a complaint and start preparing the house. Backyard areas or paths that were safe in the summer may be more ideal, so watch out for places that someone might plan to call home for this winter.

Allergies – Just because summer is over, it doesn’t mean that all allergies are too. Autumn has its own set of plants and pollen that can affect your dog and you, moreover. So keep an eye out for itching, sneezing and watering,

Halloween – Here in the United States this holiday is celebrated in late October. It is intended to give all types of candy as children (and some adults) travel from home to home. The problem is that some of these tricks or jokes can’t wait until they come home. So there they are sneaking into their bags, in the dark, dropping, tasting and spitting out what they don’t like, everything your dog will find later that week.

Antifreeze – I can tell you now, this will make all the seasonal lists, I write. In the fall, people are checking their antifreeze to prepare for winter. If this spills on the ground and makes its way into your dog, it is a very bad situation and he or she will need immediate medical attention. When you get your antifreeze, try to get what’s safe for animals, if you can afford it. Otherwise, be sure to clean up the leaks and properly dispose of the old material.

Mushrooms – Mushrooms can be a problem at any time of the year, but it looks like they really explode in the fall when the soil gets wet. There are all kinds of mushrooms, some are harmless and some are deadly. My dog ​​had a love of mushrooms when he was a puppy and I tried to break it without luck. I think he eventually tied eating mushrooms with the disease and stopped; We have been lucky. Avoid mushrooms for your dog, even the ones you eat; You don’t want to trust the “taste” for them and then pick the wrong guy in the courtyard buffet.

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